Organic fertilizers “Gumino de Gallina”: Caring for nature!


organic fetilizer, natural fetilizer

Organic fertilizer: with health care!

The innovative Gumino de gallina organic fertilizer by Integro will help you harvest quality, tasty and environmentally safe agricultural crops on various types of soils, in greenhouses, or even in a desert.
Berries 34%
Cereals 35%
Vegetables 25%
Fruits 20%

Increasing yields

with organic fertilizer Gumino de gallina

High quality organic fertilizer

While developing Gumino de gallina organic fertilizer, the specialists of our company reached technological balance; they removed all harmful and hazardous components from initial raw material and preserved and enriched all the stuff that is necessary and beneficial for the soil and vegetation at the same time.

The main components of fertilizer


Total nitrogen (N)


Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)


Potassium oxide (K2O)



Reviews of fertilizer Gumino de Galina

We have been using Humino de Galina for four years in our strawberry and raspberry fertilizer system (20 ha). I recommend.

Eugene Pylyponchyk


Reviews of fertilizer Gumino de Galina

I must frankly admit that these fertilizers were a revelation for me! Took as a test, a couple of years ago, after seeing the result at harvest, entered them in the technological map, on a par with other fertilizers. I recommend to colleagues in the shop who are engaged in cultivation!

Oleg Arbaiter


Reviews of fertilizer Gumino de Galina

Our agricultural enterprise has been using Humino de Gallina fertilizer in growing strawberries of remontant varieties for several seasons. This fertilizer has a positive effect on the general condition of plantations.

Eugene Yefimov


Reviews of fertilizer Gumino de Galina

I have been using it for the second year! I'm not going to change! Well done guys - the quality is better than promised !!!!

Andriy Marakhovsky


Fertilizer production

Specialists of our company have developed the author technology of processing chicken manure into high-quality organic fertilizer - biohumus.

Latest news

  • For many years we have been improving our production and our product in order to be recognized as organic producer and it completely coincides with the philosophy of our company and the values ​​we implement. On April 28, 2021, Integro received the Certificate of the Ukrainian

  • https://youtu.be/OCqC0Atazok Eggs, meat and feathers are traditionally considered to be the most popular products of poultry farming. Both large and small farms produce substantial amounts of waste, and manure in particular. As it happens, manure from waste can be turned into a valuable soil fertiliser as

  • Despite the severe frost, AgroSpring-2021 has been in our souls for a long time. This year sping began with an exhibition of the same name, which took place at the International Exhibition Center in Kyiv. We wait for it and do not miss such events,

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